Welcome to Nsikawathu Business Network

Nsikawathu is an online platform which has been created to offer very flexible and convenient digital business site for all. Here at Nsikawathu we offer mainly the following:


1. Advertising Goods and Services

You can advertise your products and services through Classifieds, Real estate, Business directory and Stores. You can advertise for personal items, personal services, business items and business services e.g. cars, houses, land, clothing, hotels, mills, machinery, schools, training, gyms etc. Use the classifieds to post an item you might be selling. Use the Real estate to advertise any property you might have for sale or for renting out.


2. Selling Goods

You can sell your products in two ways. 1. For those with digital products, you can sell online and the customer pay you here on the platform. When you sell your product online, the payment goes to Nsikawathu's bank account which you can request for withdrawal at any time. All your sales appear at all times in your profile inside your created store. 2. For those who have physical shops with physical products, you create a store here and post items you are selling in your shop. A buyer can choose a mode of payment from the choices you provide them when creating the store, that is, a buyer can choose to view an item in your store and buys it either online and just go to your shop to collect or you deliver to the customer or the customer pays at the shop and collects the item. For more information on how the stores work, please contact us.


3. Job Management

Job vacancy creation and job vacancy center. Offer job vacancies to the public and also find job vacancies created by individuals, companies and the government.


4. Information Sourcing Centre

Get information about different individuals, businesses, companies, organisations and government entities. With different types of profiles, almost any entity can create an account and reach the public easily.


5. Building Communities

The site helps to build communities for individuals, businesses, organisations etc that fall under the same category. Individuals and businesses can search for others with similar interest and build their own communities for easy growth and for easy interaction.


Creating an account

Nsikawathu Business Network is a digital marketing place. Virtualise Nsikawathu as a digital market and as a digital market, everything present is and should be digital. Your account is a digital you in this market place. Just as you would physically go to the market and buy a mobile phone, the same you can do here by browsing our stores while logged in with your account. You use your account to do anything you may wish to do on the platform. Your account contains more information about you including your contacts. As we have said, your account is a digital you, hence we do mandate to use only true information and real details about you. These accounts are sometimes referred to as profiles.


1. Types of accounts or Profiles:

Not only can the market contain digitalised individuals, it can also contain digitalised offices and organisations. We have four types of profiles.


 (a) Guest Profile

This is a profile or an account for visitors who would like to do basic activities on the platform on top of simply viewing the platform. This type of an account is mainly intended for making online purchases and interacting with other users on the platform. Under this type of profile we have Local, Africa and International as subcategories of the Guest Profile. These subcategories indicate the location of the one creating the profile. E.g. you are a guest and you are creating the account from Malawi, you will choose "Guest (Local)." If you are registering from any African country, you will choose "Guest (Africa)" And finally if you are registering any where but not in Africa, you will choose "Guest (International)." These categories are for price variations in our Stores. Sellers are able to set different prices for the same item for different users depending on their location. More on this is explained below as you read on "multiple pricing" under System Functionalities.


(b) Personal Profile

This is for individuals who would like to be full members of the platform and be able to use all of the platform's available services. As in Guest Profile, this also has three subcategories. That is; the Local, Africa and International and these too work and function the same way as in the Guest Profile.


(c) Office Profile

Office Profiles are designed for creating a profile for an office. An Office Profile will have office details. Such profile will be run and managed by the current head of the office. Upon change of an officer, the login details are given to the new head of the office. Office Profile also has three subcategories.

System (Website) Functionalities

Nsikawathu has been built on an online application with modified features to suite most individuals' and businesses' needs. Some of the functions are as follows:

1. Multiple Pricing 

Our stores support multiple pricing of products. This means that a seller can set different prices for a single product. For example, a seller can set three prices of a sculpture (chiboliboli). A price for local users (for those living in Malawi), another price for users in Africa and another price for users outside Africa. When visitors visit the site the all see the price for international users. When a visitor creates an account and confirms his or her location by sending an sms to us, he or she will be using the prices according to his or her location. Without sending us an sms to confirm a location, the user will see and use the international prices and not local nor African prices. The African and local prices are seen when a confirmed user logs in into his or her account. A seller has a choice to either add African and local prices or just put one normal price which is an international price.



1. This is strictly a BUSINESS platform, make sure that whatever you post is business oriented. Be it a photo, video, topic, blog etc. it should all be business related.

2.   You are not allowed to bring to this platform ( any false information in any way. Anything you post should be true and very authentic.

3. All profiles should be real and genuine. No fake profiles are allowed. Create profiles of your own and of your own businesses. If you are creating a profile of someone else's business, make sure you have a well acknowledged permission from the owner or the business.


If you have any question, please contact us