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Nsikawathu is an online platform which has been created to offer very fexible and convenient digital business platform for all. Here at Nsikawathu you can do the following:

1. Advertising

You can advertise your products and this includes: Personal items, Personal services, Business items and Business services e.g. cars, houses, land, clothing, hotels, mills, machinery, schools, etc. 

2. Selling

You can sell your products in two ways. 1, you can sell online and the customer pay you here online as well. When you sell your product online, the payment goes to Nsikawathu's bank account which you can request for withdraws at any time. All your salles appear at all times in your profile. This is very ideal for those who are to sell digital products. 2. For those who have physical shops, you create your digital store here and create your the items you are selling in your shop. A buyer can choose from the choices you provide them when creating the store, that is a buyer can chose to see an item in your store and buys it either online and just go to your shop to collect or deliver to the customer or the customer pays at the shop and collects the item. For more information on how the stores work, please contact us.

3. Job management

4. Information centre

5. Bussiness community


1. This is NOT an entertainment centre nor a playful social-media-like platform, no. This is strictly a BUSINESS platform, so, make sure that whatever you post is bussiness oriented. Be it a photo, video, topic, blog etc. it should all be business related.

2.   You are not allowed to bring to this platform ( any false information in any way. Anything you post should be true and very authentic.

3. All profiles should be real and genuine. No fake profiles are allowed. Create profiles of your own and of your own businesses. If you are creating a profile of someone else's business, make sure you have a well acknowledged permission from the owner or the company.


If you have any question, please contact us here.

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