Special Announcement


We are grateful for your visit to Nsikawathu Business Network. Please read this whole page. If you have any question, please contact us by searching a profile named Nsikawathu Support here on the platform or click the whatsap icon at the bottom of this page.

Free and Paid Services: We offer both free and paid services as seen in the membership subscription screenshot below.

When you want to use the paid services, firstly create your profile with the default free membership subscription. Then purchase credits and use them to upgrade your free membership to either basic or general subscription.


NOTE: Do not use fake names, nick names nor stage names when creating an account. Use your real and legal names. For personal profiles, if you have a nick name or a stage name, write it in the provided space for stage names (make sure to choose personal profile in the "Profile type"). If you would like to have two accounts, use the same names of the first account and add "02." This will mean your second account.  After you create an account, please send an sms with your profile name e.g. "Chimwemwe Kaunda." to; +265 888 062 063 or +2659 8525 4840.  This will enable us to know which country you are from. The stores support multi-pricing of products. A seller will set different prices for a single product for different users depending on where they are from. For more info on this contact our support or checkout our introduction page on "multiple pricing."


DON'T FORGET: This is a business site, all your posts should be business related only.